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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  January 3, 2010 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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i'm julie banderas. thank you for watching, everyone. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [ applause ] >> mike: hello, everybody. good evening. welcome to huckabee from the fox studios in new york city. and happy new year! as we kick off 2010, we've got exciting new year's treats for you. and we're going to also look back at some of our segments from the past year, including chuck norris. politicians turned reality tv stars tom delay and rod blagojevich. and the definitive southern rock band lynyrd skynyrd. we're also going to show you some gut-wrenching interviews and revisit some of our favorite games. you're not going to want to
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miss a thing in tonight's show. [ applause ] the new year gives us a gait to the next chapter of our lives we tend to learn what we used from the last year and use fresh start of the calendar to promise it will be different in the coming year. it learned this year that the more government tries to do to fix the economy, the worse it gets. i know they mean well, but spending money we don't have and borrowing money that we can't afford to pay back really isn't working out for us. it would be nice in the new year president and congress would figure out that businesses would grow and create jobs, i'm talking real jobs. if they weren't scared sick they'll have a little profit margin left after they end up because of increased cost of doing business, whether it's healthcare, taxes, huge energy cost hikes because of cap and trade or the unionization of their employees. more than anything, americans
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want government to work. what they want the government to stop tinkering repairing the economy. we just want to see jobs. if congress wants to help with the economy, let me suggest they do the following. number one, instead of the automatic pay raise at the first of the year, they should vote to cut their pay by 10%. number two, they should shut down every other month and spend that month off solely in the own districts meeting with constituents and hearing from their bosses. number three. they ought to pledge that they'll sponsor the fair tax, which would get rid of all the taxes on producttivety and tax consumption instead and promise that after 12 years they will retire and not expect congressional pension other than social security that other americans receive. number four, they ought to cut the staff and budget by 15% to show real cost saving s
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stewardship. not to cover anything not covered in balanced budget and not start a new program for two years. you probably think that they won't do these things. okay. probably not. so here is the backup plan. since they work for you, if they don't show responsible leadership, and if they don't really sacrifice, then i suggest you work really hard this year to give somebody else a chance by firing the members of congress that don't listen to you and hire someone who does. 2010 could be a turning point here in america. a year in which we flush out the old congress and bring in some fresh faces and ideas. if we keep the same bunch there, we're probably going to get the same results. we need different results. we all agree to that. we have to have new people to get it. what i say? throw the bums out. maybe that's the answer. that is my view but i welcome yours. e-mail me at
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and click on the fox news feedback section. i hope to get your ideas on what you think we can do to get our country turned around. e-mail me at the fox news feedback section with your ideas. miff friend actor chuck norris has often been a guest on our show. in his latest appearance he joined me in studio to tuke about book, the book about the internet phenomena, the chuck norris facts. he was here on the same weekend that the democrat healthcare bill passed in the house. it asked him to demonstrate just how he feels about the bill. >> i was just talking about the healthcare bill. you are not a big fan of it at all. >> i'm not a fan at all. >> i wish you could get your hands on it. >> it would be great to choke it out. >> you know, if the healthcare bill was a karate board, what do you think you'd do to the healthcare bill? >> maybe something like this here. >> all right. let me -- >> right there.
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maybe go -- >> mike: whoa! [ applause [ applause ] >> with a do you think of the healthcare bill? >> i'm not a big fan, but i'm not chuck norris. >> you can become chuck norris. you can do a board, too. >> mike: c'mon! [ applause ] >> all right. now you break the healthcare bill. >> mike: what if i break my hand? >> you won't break it. just go through it. just think -- go all the way through it. >> mike: you almost did it. [ laughter ] okay. >> all right. >> mike: you know if i break my hand, i'll never speak to you again. it's chuck norris. what am i going to do about it, huh? >> there you go. >> mike: oh! [ applause ] >> mike: oh! have a seat, chuck. >> okay. >> mike: we had a little fun. had to do that. off brand new book that's sort of a collection of all things chuck norris. tell me how in the world did this chuck norris joke thing
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get started? this is unbelievable. >> this started four years ago. a college kid sent me several chuck norris facts on my e-mail and i'm reading them and i'm laughing. they're pretty funny. and so anyway, from there, the college kids caught on to it and it started going around to all the universities and the colleges. and then it filtered down to the high schools and the middle schools. and then it went worldwide. i was getting chuck norris facts from africa and everywhere. and then the military picked up on it. that's how i got to iraq to visit the troops in iraq because they were bugging their commanders to get me over there so the commander in iraq called me and said would you come over and visit with the troops? they're bugging me to death. it said i'd be glad to. as long as i could travel to the camp and bases where the media don't go on the syrian and iranian border. if i could get down there and meet with them, i'd be glad
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to. that's what i did. it visited 17 different bases and camps and shook hands with over 20,000 troops over there. >> mike: wow. [ applause ] that is fantastic. that is a lot of hand-shaking. >> every time i'd shake a happened, they would tell me a chuck norris fact, you know. then go to outdoor commode and here is chuck norris facts on the walls in there. it was crazy. so when i got back home, you know, i started thinking about it, because i write -- i'm a syndicated writer and i write about the problems we have in our country today and in my last book, dealing with all the situation, and i thought i got to lighten up. i got to write something lighter than this. anyway, i wrote the 101 chuck norris facts. and amazingly my 8-year-old twins as i'm coming through -- there is 500,000 facts out there. i'm trying to filter them out. and my twins are coming up and says dad, i have one. i said that's nice. you know. i keep writing. finally my 8-year-old son and says dad, i got one.
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i said what is it, son? chuck norris eats bullets for breakfast. watch out when he burps. i said, i like that! i wrote it in there! >> mike: but in addition to the funny things and the fun chuck norris stories there is a lot of good points of wisdom, things that you and your wife gina put in the book that are encouragement and i guess -- >> inspirational. >> mike: inspirational points. >> yeah. after each fact i tell a story. the first one is chuck norris was bit by a cobra and after five days of excruciating pain, the cobra died. [ laughter ] anyway, i tell a story. i was filming "walker, texas ranger" where i had a scene where i had to grab a rattlesnake and pick it up. the snake wrangler had it there and i sneak up and i grab it by the back of the neck and pick it up and do the whole scene. now the director wants to take two. i go up to grab the snake this second time and he's ready this time. i grab him and he bites me on
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the hand. blood starts spurting out on my hand and the director takes off running. so i'm looking at it, as the blood is coming out. it say to the snake wrangler, do you think there is any venom in there? he says, "you should probably go to the hospital and get checked." i did, but i was fine. these are stories i write about. >> mike: the snake did die after he bit you. >> i wish he had, but he didn't. >> mike: coming up, fun and games that make you think and an all-time classic from lynyrd skynyrd.
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my joints ache so bad, i wake up in pain every day. i want to know why. i want to know why my hair is falling out. how did this happen? how did this happen? a little pain in my knee. that's how it started. that's how it started, this rash on my face. now it's like my body is attacking me. i want answers. announcer: when you don't have the right answers, it may be time to ask your doctor the right question. could i have lupus?
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>> mike: one thing we like to do is play a game to make fun of the ideas that come from congress. we get laughs but the aim is to make a serious point. one of the hotly debated issues was the congressional healthcare reform bill last year. so we played the twisted healthcare game. that would show how obscure
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congressional bills are. with the assistance of three comedians playing nancy pelosi, harry reid and barney frank we used early 2452-page version of the bill to show the plans are filled with ludicrous legalese. it's almost impossible for anyone to understand it. as an example, we took one small paragraph, 70 words out of the 374,789 words in the entire -- well, look. just let me show it to you and you'll get the picture. enforcement of healthcare coverage requirement 502 is amended one in sub zest a-6 striking the paragraph in subsection c and incerting 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, of subsection "c." two in subsection "c" to reinvert t paragraph and after the 10, the new photograph. okay. did you get all that? [ applause ] i want to make sure that that was very clear to everybody.
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we'll break it down and try to figure out what it says. in the process, we'll have nancy pelosi, harry reid and barney frank help us visualize how tangled up it gets. that paragraph refers to 502 of act 1132, the employee retirement income act and separate act passed in 1974. review the paragraph. 502 of sub act 1132 amended one in subsection 6 and striking the paragraph and all that follows in subsection "c" and inserting paragraph two. nancy, if you will, i'm going to ask you now to place your right hand on subsection "a." >> subsection "a." the red dots make me uncomfortable. >> put your left hand on paragraph 6. >> red dot. i have didn't burn. it didn't burn. >> right foot on subsection "c." >> "c." oh, boy. >> "c." that one that looks like a loop. >> how is that for heel heels?
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>> better give me those heels. >> barney, i know you want to wear the heels but you can't have them. [ laughter [ laughter ] >> left foot on paragraph two. >> there you go. very good. hear it for nancy pelosi! [ applause [ applause ] >> harry reid, pick up where nancy left off. inserting paragraph 4, 5, 7, 8. place your right hand on paragraph four. >> i have'm n >> i'm not as flexible as i used to be. >> politically or physically. left hand on paragraph 5. >> i read about stuff like this on the internet. >> mike: right foot on paragraph 7. your left foot f -- >> right foot. >> left foot, the other left
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foot. >> we don't go to the right. >> on paragraph eight. oh! congressman frank, your turn. we will continue where mary left off, 9, 10, 11 of subsection "c." barney, if you will, place your right hand on paragraph 9. >> barney cannot pronounce twister, never mind do twister. >> your left hand on paragraph ten. >> there. >> there you go. >> get your fannie mae out of my face. [ laughter ] >> mike: your left foot on paragraph 11. >> easy, barney. >> right foot on subsection "c." >> this is from the 1974 bill. >> ahhh! [ laughter ] >> mike: you guys didn't last very long. i don't know the country will either if we get all
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convoluted in this. [ applause ] >> mike: another not so brilliant bill that came out of washington last year was the economic stimulus plan. that included tax cut for individuals making up to $75,000 a year. amounting to $35 a week the first year and $8 a week the second year. we wanted to find out how much $13 really is worth. we gave $13 to three members of our staff and we wanted them to see what could they get for that in new york city. ♪ ♪ >> are you selling tickets? >> i am. >> i want to go on a bus tour but i'm on a budget. can you help me? >> a budget. would you like to ride? >> yes, i would. >> i have $13. >> $13? >> yeah. >> no, sorry, you can't afford it. >> $49 is the cheapest you can get. biggest discount. >> do you think maybe i could stand in the road for $13?
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would that get me in? >> i don't think so. >> per week. >> that's all you have? >> yes. we're using the $13 that we are going to get on the stimulus plan every week. >> could i get a few blocks? >> a few blocks? >> i need $50 to see the show. >> that's half off, though. >> wow! i guess that is a discount, but not for someone who only has $13. >> we start over here and we go this around and then back. >> not very far at all. >> i can't even see five minutes of the show? >> no. sorry. ♪ ♪ >> hey! wait up! i have $13. wait for me! >> i only have $13.
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okay. thank you. ♪ ♪ >> take us back to fox headquarters. >> mike: and they did make it back to fox headquarters. [ applause [ applause ] i have to find out what kind of fun you had. last week i gave every one of you $13 and i said what can you do in new york city on $13. so you went out and let's start. colleen, what did you do with the $13? >> gov, we clearly had a hard time in new york city. it tried to go the practical route. i went and i got milk and cookies for the crew. >> ahh. >> some bread, eggs, fruit. you know, what i thought someone might spend $13 on. >> you hadn't gotten in the cookies i trust. >> that is what we are feeding the audience today. no go on trying to be able to get like the tour. >> no. what was more shocking than
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people not giving us anything for $13 is how many people didn't know anything about the $13. >> mike: yeah. yeah. okay. elizabeth, you were able to commandeer the peti cab. >> yes. i'm happy with how i spent my $13 because as you can see door-to-door service was lost on the pedi-cab driver. >> not only door-to-door, but through the door, inside. how many pedi-cab drivers drive you inside? that's unique. >> one for one for me. >> did you have anybody looking at you saying you're craze, you can't do anything for $13? >> everyboeverybody. >> mike: everybody. okay. megan, what were you able to find with $13? >> i tried to get in the play and they wouldn't let me in for five minutes. i wanted to do something more different. something for you. >> mike: oh! >> so i for $12.99, i found a mike huckabee bobble doll.
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[ applause ] >> mike: oh, yeah! well, we decided maybe the economic stimulus wasn't going to work out real well for everybody. not with $13 or $8 a week. i said many times if we are serious about economic stimulus, we ought to change our tax system. get rid of the i.r.s., get rid of penalizing people's productivity. and eliminate all the taxes on income, dividends, savings, inheritance, capital gains and instead we'd pay tax at the point of consumption rather than at the point of the work and productivity. that makes a whole lot more sense to me. coming up, in a huckabee exclusive, she was executive director at a planned parenthood center in texas helping women end their pregnancies. but not anymore. the gripping story of abbey johnson is s s s s o
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>> mike: she was the director of a clin take helped numerous women terminate their pregnancies, but her view of abortion completely changed after she witnessed an abortion taking place. in a you can huckabee exclusiv abbey johnson joined to us describe the moment that led to her life revelation. >> you were working assisting in an abortion and you saw on an ultrasound the abortion process. tell me what did you see when the ultrasound was running and the abortion was taking place? >> well, i was called into the room to assist during the procedure. and it was actually an ultrasound guided abortion procedure, which is not that common in planned parenthood health centers because it's a longer type of abortion procedure. and planned parenthood centers are trying to do as many procedures a day as they can.
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and so they're not going to take a lot of time for each procedure. but for whatever reason, this physician did decide to do an ultrasound guided procedure on this particular woman. and so i was called in to help. and my job was to hold the ultrasound probe on this woman's abdomen so that the physician could actually see the uterus on the ultrasound screen. when i looked at the screen, i saw a baby on the screen. and she was about 13 weeks pregnant at the time. i saw a full side profile, so i saw face to feet on the ultrasound machine. and i saw the probe going into the woman's uterus. and at that moment i saw the baby moving. and trying to get away from the probe. >> mike: moving away from the -- oh, my gosh.
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>> yes. and i thought it's fighting for its life. i thought its life. it's alive. >> mike: until that moment, abbey, had it appeared to you that you were able to use words like "fe tus" and "tissue" is different than when you saw the form of a child. recognizable -- >> that it was alive. mm-hmm. >> mike: what did you do? did you say anything at the moment to the doctor? >> no. my mind was racing, my heart was beating so fast. i was just thinking oh, my gosh, i'm going to get stopped. then all of a sudden it was just over, just in the blink of an eye. i just saw the baby just literally just crumble. it was over. i just, i dropped the ultrasound probe. and then i realized oh, my
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gosh, i'm not holding the ultrasound probe. so i scramb scramble and i put trawl sound probe back in place. so many things were going through my mind and i was thinking about my daughter who is three. and i was thinking about the ultrasound i had of her and i was thinking how perfect that ultrasound was when she was 12 weeks. in the womb, and i was thinking what am i doing? what am i doing here? i could just, i had one hand on this woman's belly and i was thinking there was life in here. now there's not. >> mike: you're literally were holding your hand on top of her belly at that point. >> mm-hmm. >> mike: and realized that what was underneath that hand, once a month ago was life. and it's gone. >> mm-hmm. >> mike: my gosh. a powerful, powerful interview with abbey johnson. i hope it spoke to you. well, this sealed envelope with a prediction was handed
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to me by the amazing creskin three months ago. it hasn't been opened since that time. coming up, he is going to rejoin us to see what that prediction was and we're prediction was and we're going to fin welcome home, man.
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>> from america's news headquarters i am mary an sober. -- silber. a search is ongoing for a man spotted walking through a screening checkpoint exit into the secure side of terminal c which serves cont then shainent airlines. the log down has resulted in flights being grounded. passengers are in the process of being rescreened. james cameron's big blue aliens still a huge draw at movie theaters. after tar topping the box office for the third straight weekend. the only director with two films grossing 8 billion each
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worldwide. sherlock homes alvin and the chipmunks the squeak well it's complicated the blind side rounding out the top 5. i am mary ann silber. now back to "huckabee." . the pleasure of being joined by the amazing kreskin a couple of times and both times he boggled our mind with the incredible ability to read our minds. the last time he was with us, he handed me this sealed envelope and said it was a prediction inside. here to see what is in the envelope and find out if it's correct, welcome the amazing kreskin. welcome back. >> happy new year. >> mike: happy new year to you, too. do you know how much i wanted to open this? >> everybody is telling me he's dying to find out what is -- >> mike: i am! >> this is appropriate being a couple days after new years and what have you. i make dramatic prediction but this is the most dramatic thing i've done in my life because chances are one in million to succeed.
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these are all four digit numbers. not one number. two, four -- >> 2, 4, 7, 8. >> you establish this. reach in and take out three or four balls. quick. share them with each other. take them out. share them and show that they are, different, and what are the numbers on. tell them what the numbers are. tell them. just take -- pass one to the person next to you. are they different? two ladies, are they different? >> yes. >> can i ask you folks>> reporter: they different? >> yes. >> drop them in. >> governor mike, there are 60 balls and the parameters when i had them put together any numbers from 1,000 to 9,999 except for one thing. all the numbers in each set of numbers -- we're losing some. sorry. all the numbers had to be different. they had to be different. even in the four digit numbers they're different. take one out, governor mike, if you will. just one. this is 2,453. what is that? >> 4359. >> take one more out.
11:33 pm
3570. what do you got? >> 9516. >> put them back in. here is what i want to do. nothing has been prearranged. i have two folks here with calculator that are going to do adding. governor mike is going the actual adding and every one of you viewing are the real critics to itemize and you can do this on your own. two of you still have balls out there. would you raise your hands? would you stand? are they different numbers? >> yes, sir. >> would you -- who in the audience is good with numbers? raise your hands? raise your hand if you are good with numbers. keep your hands up. point out someone whose hand is up. stand, ma'am. stand. ma'am, would you point out someone with their hand up now. where are your hands, folks. point out someone. stand, please. stand. stand. now governor mike, see the hands again. point out two people in the audience who have not been picked. raise your hands if you're good with numbers. >> this gentleman and this
11:34 pm
gentleman. all six of you come down. use the aisle as the way to get to the front. come down, yes. the two of you -- bring the ball with you. >> mike: this is like the "price is right." come on down! >> hurry. you still have the ball. pick one over there. you folks, the two of you have a ball to the end. the other four of you step next to them if you will, please. step next to them. folks, if you will, how are you doing? step right over here. now listen to me, folks. we're going to forget the cards. 60 different numbers. two of you already picked numbers. i want each of you to come up to here. you can pick out four or five but take one number that you want. sir, do it now. change your mind and face the audience if you will. take one. all right. come over, sir, do the same thi thing. you follow him as well. take four or five. there is no way, the numbers are all different. am i correct? >> all the numbers are different. >> correct. >> now, this, folks, is going
11:35 pm
to boggle your mind. because i did not tell the staff this. would the four of you move over so the screen is here. and governor mike, you have a prediction still on you. >> mike: i do. i have the envelope. >> you will keep it there. >> mike: this is what i'll do. let me put it up here. >> never been touched, never been opened -- >> mike:no it's not. >> they guarded it with armed guards because governor mike want to get it get to it. >> mike: i wanted to look but i promise i did not. >> we'll put the number you have. those of you -- the two of you in the audience, step further over. four of you just picked numbers. raise your hands. look at your number. give us one digit from that number. just one. >> 9. >> put the 9 for 9,000 up at the top. one number. >> 4. >> up here. up here. next to it. that's right. now one number. >> 1. >> that's 941. one number.
11:36 pm
>> three. >> so we created 9,413. that number may not even be in there. that's what is crazy. give us one more number that is remaining that you haven't given us. >> 5. >> put the five there. >> right here? >> right there. we're making a new number. what number are you giving us, sir? >> there is no new number. in other words, there's a new -- every number i have on here -- >> on yours that you haven't given us. >> five. >> five. that's all right. that's fine. >> you didn't give us that before. sir? put a six there. >> okay. >> and there, ma'am? three. look, he created 5,653. >> give us another number. >> three. >> three. >> okay. >> nine. you haven't given us that before, right? >> five. over there. >> four. put it down. we got it there. what is the number you gave us. >> five. >> you gave us a five. you gave us a nine. you gave us a -- i just forgot something, folks. you folks pick numbers
11:37 pm
earlier. the first lady right here, what is the number you have there? tell us. >> 3854. >> governor mike, verify. that's what it is. 3854. >> put it down as a whole number. >> no control over this. look, folks, by the way, you all have one number left you haven't given us. what number. >> four. >> four. >> 4,000. what number? >> three. >> 4,300. what number? nine. 4,390. what? >> five. >> you didn't give us that before? all right. look at this. we have five sets of numbers. they were created after they pulled these out of 60 some. he will add these, so are you. did i forget someone? was there another person? >> there is one other lady. >> some mentalist. my gosh. sorry, ma'am. what is the one you have there? >> 4672. >> would you check -- what is it, governor mike? >> 4672. >> 4,672. i didn't realize -- i
11:38 pm
apologize. governor mike, i'll have you methodically draw a line under the oldest way of adding, a lot of kids don't know how to do today. total the numbers. the people with calculators will do them automatically and give us a total when i ask for the total. start adding them, governor mike. do it out loud so everyone knows what it is. >> mike: that is 19 and 21. carry a two. gives us 369. 9 and five are 14. 19. 28. and 35. we carry a three. >> wait a minute. 3, 6, 10, 14. 19, 21. >> mike: carry a two. three, six, nine. five makes 14. that makes 19. 19 and nine make 28. a seven make 35. we bring a three. 7, 12, 21, 29. and 29 and 9 would be 38.
11:39 pm
carry the three. >> you folks -- sorry. >> mike: this is arkansas math, kreskin. 12 and 5 are 17. and 20. 23 and 8 would be 31. >> folks, i have failed. is that the same total you folks get there? >> it is. >> mike: arkansas math turned out pretty good with the a cue l -- calculator. >> no. i'm sorry. can i see your numbers. these are the numbers. 5959. 59. 3. there was a four there. can i see this here. it am sorry, i'm not going to kid you. i'm not a con artist. if i fail, i want it to be as such. can i see this right here. this is -- folks, i know i've gone over time. but putting everyone else, i'm only going to kid you if i told i have not succeeded. how could there be -- you
11:40 pm
gave us two threes. i asked you to give us a different number. two fours and two fours. yeah, ma'am, you gave us numbers in the red. yeah, look at this. she gave us three here as a number. but she gave us three again. i said give us a different number. and she gave us the same number. can we pick one of the other numbers that she didn't give us? this is her number here. she gave us two threes, i said give us a different number. what is a different number? >> four. >> she's already given us a four. >> then give her a three. we did the three. let's do a five. >> no, there is a nine. a nine. >> a nine. >> put a nine there. >> put a nine. >> i asked that she give us an exactly different number. that's okay. that's all right. i want to be honest about it. three, there is a nine. there is a four. there is a five. you want to add them again,
11:41 pm
please. >> okay. thanks for -- >> my apologies. >> am i correct, folks? i don't want to cheat. >> nine and five. 14. it's the same from there on. excellent. >> you know, folks, why i stopped? i'm sorry. i want to be honest about this. i said they pick a different digit each time. would you add that and the number we get is 31,857. the reason i tell you this is i've never done this in my life on television. everyone, mathematicians say you're out of your mind, kreskin. the odds are against it is. that the correct tote? 31,857. governor mike, compare to what i wrote three months ago if you take the envelope. if i'm anywhere near close, if i'm anywhere near close this is significant. >> mike: i get to open it now? i've been wanting to do this
11:42 pm
for three months. about time! >> 31,857. read what i wrote down, governor mike. >> mike: he wrote the next time i appear with governor mike, my gosh. [ laughter ] i promise nobody has opened this envelope. the next time i appear with governor mike, the final total will be 31,857. [ applause ] oh, my gosh. i promise you nobody has opened this envelope. belief m me, i wanted to and i didn't. >> governor mike -- >> unbelievable. >> you have no idea the relief i have. i wish i could have told you it would be successful but i wish you in the spirit of this time -- i want you to live all of you five years longer than me, because i intend to live forever. >> mike: very good. thank you, kreskin. the amazing kreskin!
11:43 pm
[ applause ] coming up, the world of politics and reality collide. we'll be right back.
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>> mike: i hope you listen to the huckabee report monday through friday heard on nearly 500 radio stations across america. for stationest nearest you or to listen to the past commentaries, go to mike mchl h mchl -- click on the huckabee report. as we look at the favorite segment for the last year, what do elected politicians do after they leave office, other than host a show on fox, of course? some stay and continue to serve in many ways. others spend time at the golf course and some go on to become oscar winning filmmakers. we visited with a couple of former public officials who found gig as reality tv stars. tom delay was known as the hammer for cracking the whip and demand i demanding discipli. but this past fall, tom delay joined to us talk about how he became one of tv's most unexpected dancing sensations. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> mike: what were you thinking when you said yes to that? [ laughter ] >> well, i'm from texas, you're from arkansas. >> mike: yeah. >> the same in arkansas. you have can't be in politics in texas and not know how to dance. you go to dance hall and you work the crowds. i love to dance. when they called me, just out of the blue, it took me ten minutes to say yes. i have thought it was going to be the most exciting fun thing i've ever done. >> mike: i know it had to be a very different experience in congress, but i want to ask you about experiences in congress. we're watching pel pelosi with a very heavy hand. they call you the hammer. i don't know that you ever were as tough on the members of congress as she seems to be in terms of making them
11:47 pm
just line up and do what she wants. >> they gave me the nickname, the "washington post" gave me the nickname "the hammer" because they couldn't believe we were winning the votes without breaking people's arms and we didn't. we had what we called grow the vote. we'd get in on issue early on and get the members working and take care of problems so they had ownership. the democrats and nancy pelosi don't do it that way. now they have come out with a 2,000-page bill and they have huge amount of pressure on the members. they have 256 members. they need 218 votes. they have the blue dogs that they have to beat up -- >> mike: the blue dogs always fold. >> the blue dog democrats, the definition of a blue dog democrat is a yellow dog democrat and will vote for a
11:48 pm
yellow dog if he's a democrat. yellow dog democrat holding his breath and turns blue waiting for something to happen. >> mike: rod blagojevich started to tape as contestant on donald trump celebrity apprentice that will air later this year. reality tv has become family business in the blagojevich home. last fall, the governor and his wife joined us to tell us why she, too, took part in reality series and she revealed how he would stop as nothing to prove he's innocent of charges. >> at that time, you were in costa rica on a show called "i'm a celebrity get me out of here." that had to have been a crazy experience. they wanted my husband on the show. but he was not able to go. and nbc came to me with an offer, would i take his place. and so we had to think about
11:49 pm
it a lot and do soul searching because i had never been away from the children for any length of time at all. >> if i could say how great she was to do that. she ate a tarantula in the jungle because she's a loving mother. i was left for month of june with our little girls which is something i never did by myself. >> that is a reality show. >> mike: i've got to ask you a question. there is a possibility that in the trial one of the things you will have to do is bring some people in to testify. would you subpoena rahm emanuel to testify if it meant the difference between you being free and going to jail? >> well, absolutely! to the extent you can ask the president of the united states to testify -- >> mike: will you ask barack obama to testify at your trial? >> i would be interesting in doing that. whatever conversations i'd have that were lawful, love
11:50 pm
to have him as a star witness. whether or not it could happen, i don't know. michelle obama could be a witness in the case because there are relationships with tony that she could shed light on to put in context the false allegations in relation to me. the two stars of the real housewives of new york city got political. when they put me on the hot seat. >> everybody watches some version of trademark television. i want to know the most embarrassing thing you watch that you'd never admit. >> mike: that i'd never admit but i'm about to admit. >> that your daughter knows your watch and no one else knows -- >> my daughter by the way loves housewife of new york. >> don't forget you watch it because you're married. straight men do watch it as well. whatever the most embarrassing reality television show is that you watch. >> i don't watch a lot of television, because i'm never home to watch it.
11:51 pm
but i have watched with my wife the, what is the chef show? >> top chef. >> i guess that's it. yes. >> i really do believe you don't watch. you've never been caught watching big brother or the real world or anything down and dirty. >> i'm a boring guy, betny. it am. i'm a big bore. >> what is your signature cocktail? >> i don't drink. >> boxers or briefs? boxers or briefs? i have to go there. you gave me nothing. >> briefly speaking i will not get boxed into that answer ever. there you go. favorite cocktail diet pepsi. >> we know who the political junkie is. i knew he didn't drink. >> okay. perfect. i think everyone drinks because i think tequila is a vegetable. >> i'm dangerous enough without alcohol in me. >> okay. >> given the state of the economy right now and where we are, are you glad you're not president? >> there are times i wish i was, because i would throttle back the spending and change a lot of things and i would
11:52 pm
be pushing to us have a different tax structure. i'm a big advocate of fair tax, a consumption based approach to taxation. it doesn't penalize the productivity. we are upside down in how we penalize the economy. we reward things we should penalize and it's up sidedown. >> i love the difference between you and me. i watch temptation island you talk about fiscal plan of 2009. >> she wa wal watches -- >> there it is. [ laughter ] >> mike: you think i got a sponsorship out of diet pepsi out of the episode or something. coming up, definitive southern rock band rocks the 
11:53 pm
11:54 pm
11:55 pm
>> mike: every week we usually close out the show with some music. one of my favorite musical guests over the past few months has been the legendary lynyrd skynyrd. they were on the show and did a cut from the latest cd called "god and guns" and it's the best ever. i love every song on it. i was thrilled when the boys from the band asked me to play along when they performed one of their all-time classic hits sweet home alabama. we leave you with the song and from behalf of all of our crew, we want to wish you a happy new year. ♪ ♪
11:56 pm
>> turn it up! ♪ ♪ ♪ big wheels keep on turning ♪ ♪ turn me home to my kin ♪ singing songs about the south land ♪ yeah! ♪ ♪ ♪ well, i heard this young singer about ♪ ♪ well, i went further down ♪ well i hope neil young will remember ♪ ♪ a southern man don't need him around anyhow ♪ y'all, sing it!
11:57 pm
♪ sweet home alabama ♪ where the skies are so blue ♪ ♪ sweet home alabama ♪ lord, i'm coming home to you ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ inirngha t l eve t we could do ♪ ♪ now watergate does not bother me ♪ ♪ does your conference bsciencer you ♪ ♪ tell the truth ♪ sweet home alabama ♪ where the skies are so blue ♪ ♪ sweet home alabama
11:58 pm
♪ lord, i'm coming home to you ♪ ♪ here i come ♪ alabama ♪ ♪ ♪
11:59 pm
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